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At BonAmi, our world-class engineers are passionate about solving complex problems quickly and effectively. Empowering our customers’ business growth is our number-one priority, and we use bleeding-edge technology to develop world-class software and provide fantastic customer experiences. And what’s more, all of our developers have engineering or computer science degrees from top universities. Credentials like that are rare in this industry.

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Core values are an essential piece of culture within any company. In the tech industry, the top core values for technology companies set the stage for day-to-day activities and company culture. Core values are the driving force behind the behaviors and actions of a company.

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Software development has grown exponentially in the last few decades. The technology is now so powerful that to scale your business. Today, innovation is more than just a buzzword – it’s the thin line that sets successful businesses apart from everyone else.

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. Becoming a software development team leader is a common step for software professionals. It means you are responsible for the team, the work they provide, and making decisions that affect the team. The technology landscape is ever-changing and always advancing.

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When you get on our website and read a wall of customer testimonials that gush with nothing but praise, it’s not surprising if your first reactions are skepticism or suspicion.

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