How can we Help?

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Let us bring your business up to speed by replacing outdated legacy systems with state-of-the-art software solutions


Modernization Services

At BonAmi, our world-class engineers are passionate about solving complex problems quickly and effectively. Empowering our customers’ business growth is our number-one priority, and we use bleeding-edge technology to develop world-class software and provide fantastic customer experiences. And what’s more, all of our developers have engineering or computer science degrees from top universities. Credentials like that are rare in this industry.

Legacy Software Replacement

BonAmi’s dedicated team of software engineers is well-versed in helping our clients bring their systems up to date by replacing them in a thoughtful, methodical way that’s oriented toward business outcomes, preserves existing data and information, and minimizes blackout time.

  • Evolutionary Approach While pulling the plug on the old system entirely and replacing it with a new one right away is certainly an option, we prefer an evolutionary approach — replacing one component at a time (starting with the most problematic) in order to prevent disruption by minimizing the time your organization spends offline.
  • Data & Logic Preservation Replacing legacy systems with new software is a delicate process, as so much data and process information are embedded in those systems. Our careful, systematic approach preserves your business processes and leaves your information intact.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology While your legacy software may have struggled to integrate with modern systems, your new systems will be built using current technologies that are designed to play well with others and flexible enough to evolve with your organization.
  • Sleek, Intuitive User Experience A key component of customer and employee satisfaction, as well as general productivity, is a system’s user experience. Our thoughtful designers create attractive interfaces that allow our clients to be much more productive, with much less headache.